The Hookah Trend among University Students

For hundreds of years, Eastern cultures have embraced this simple yet highly fascinating smoking device known as the hookah (or shisha). Although its materials and designs have varied since it was first created, its social function is still intact. As the hookah possesses a unique way of bringing people together, it is not surprising why it has found its place in a number of college and university towns today.

Originating from India, hookahs have always had a place in many Eastern countries. The hookah however, has only recently gained ground in the United States and European countries. In fact, around ten years ago, one can hardly find a hookah bar or cafe in many large cities other than in the cultural districts. The situation is not the same these days. A close look of the area around major university campuses will reveal a new type of business gradually cropping up. Hookah bars and cafes now provide college students a much needed place to relax after a hard day of study. Driven by curiosity, these students are drawn to these interesting places that offer a kind of thrill that is truly different from all other popular hangouts.

Inside these college town hookah bars one can readily see closely-huddled groups sitting around hookahs, catching up on the latest events in school and in their life. For this, hookahs certainly recognise no boundaries in getting people together, no matter their backgrounds, ethnicities or cultures. Clearly, with its ever-growing popularity, the hookah industry has certainly come a long way.

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