The Healthy Effects of Using Hookahs

In the past few years, hookah smoking has become well-liked in the West and is starting to be popular in most European countries nowadays. So you might be wondering what exactly is a hookah, right? Some people generally call it as a water pipe or shisha, because it was originally developed in India. A hookah is actually multi-stemmed equipment with one or more tubes attached to it. The tube is used to elicit a mild form of smoke through a rubber hose and then, to the mouthpiece. By using a hookah, the smoke drawn out is cooled and permeated by passing through water in its base. Water used by hookah can filter and remove the harmful chemicals of tobacco like nicotine, making it safer to use. Since the tobacco used in hookahs is not the same with the tobacco in cigarettes, it is a mild type and has less ill effects.

The common insight among hookah users is that it is less remarkably dangerous to use hookah than that of smoking cigar. The water moisture generated by the hookah makes the smoke less galling and reduces concerns about the harmful health effects. In addition, preliminary research found out that it is wise to smoke using hookahs compared to cigarettes. This is because a hookah does not have tar, lessening the possibility of getting related health problems like lung cancer, emphysema, gum disease, infection and cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, smoking from a hookah is a great way to socialise, unwind and share memorable time with friends. It offers enjoyment especially when you are smoking your favourite tobacco flavour.

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