Shopping for Hookah Cleaning Products

It is necessary to keep hookah parts in top condition to make them last long. Although the frequency of cleaning a hookah is a matter of personal preference, some smokers will opt to clean their device after every use while others will take months before they would change the water in the base. Typically, you can clean your hookah by rinsing each component through running water. However, for a thorough clean, there are available cleaning products that you can purchase.

There are so-called hookah cleaning solutions or fluids that you can purchase, especially for the dirtiest hookah pipes and base you have ever seen. These cleaning fluids are more often patented by those who manufacture them. Many of these products claim to provide an instant cleaning power for your hookah components. On the other hand, you may want to make your own solution using drops of washing powder or soda crystals on the base of your hookah.

Brushes are also common items used for cleaning hookah; however, many hookah specialty stores and online shops have different types of brushes for different hookah components. Hookah brushes actually looks like ordinary cleaning brushes for bottles. The hookah brushes with a large diameter are used to clean and scrub the hookah bases. On the other hand, those that look like test tube brushes are typically used for the pipes of the hookah or for hookah units with smaller bases.

Lastly, hookah cleaning rods are also available and typically look like ice picks. To use, a swab of cotton or wet cloth is placed on the tip of the rod and inserted into the hookah stem for a thorough cleaning. You can check out your local hookah stores or online shops for these special cleaning products.

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