Health Benefits of Moderate Smoking to Athletes

While it is hard to imagine smoking being associated with sports, use of tobacco has positive effect on the overall performance of athletes. It may be hard to establish a beneficial relation between these two opposite activities, but in one way or another smoking can prepare athletes for sports. How? You might wonder. Well, let us explore the health impact of tobacco use.

First, when you smoke, your appetite is suppressed so you tend to eat less. If you are an athlete or a sports enthusiast who are looking to lose weight in preparation for an upcoming game, this can help you a lot. By smoking moderately, particularly under strict guidance and control, you will achieve your desired weight in no time.

Second, smoking is a muscle relaxant. This capability will enable you to defecate and urinate easily and regularly, ensuring that you are clean on the inside. What is more, it will help ease tension and stress in your muscles after prolonged exercise, enabling you to recover physically fast.

Third, smoking will make your lungs tougher, so you become quite immune to environmental smoke. At one time, many coaches would encourage their sports members to smoke. This is to help increase their lung capacity and endurance, preparing them for a tough game in return.

Although smoking is largely discouraged among sport professionals these days, there are still many athletes who continue smoke. This cannot be helped, for although many will prefer their idols to be the clean, good guy type, moderate or social smoking is not a big hindrance to athlete’s physical performance.

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