Experiencing Asia through Train Travelling

Train remains one of the main modes of transportation in Asia. Hence, it is a much fulfilling and enriching experience to travel through train when in Asia. It is so as you have greater chances of seeing the sceneries, countryside and the metropolitan areas of different countries. While there are advanced train systems in Asia, some have retained their crude stations and trains. So you should be aware of that beforehand and, after all, it can become part of your Asian adventure package.

If you want to have a convenient ride, it is better if you get in contact with the train stations as soon as possible. Ask from them the exact schedules of their rides, the booking fees and the additional services that are available inside the train. If you are in contract with a travel agency, ask the agency to do the bookings for you. It is important to have specific ideas beforehand about what to expect from your train rides. Also, seek for remarks from other people and non-biased sources regarding the safety level of the train that you are going to ride on.

When you are already in the train coasting along the cities and towns of Asia, try to be as observant as possible with the culture and lifestyle of the people. This is your way of making a deeper connection with the people and the countries you are visiting. You can mingle with the local folks as well while inside the train. Some trains have cafes wherein Asian people engage in conversations while smoking on hookahs. It is a kind of pipe-smoking device that is very popular in many Asian countries such in India and the Middle East. The use of hookah is said to induce interesting conversations.

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