Decorating Ideas for a Indian-Inspired Rooms

A hookah is an interesting instrument for smoking tobacco wherein the smoke is cooled and filtered through the water. It originally came from India and has gained popularity in many countries around the world. In fact, India is a country rich in exotic culture and history. When you want to bring the richness of Indian culture into your home, you can redecorate your living spaces with inspiration from this culture.

For colour scheme, utilise paint with bold colours like gold or deep red. Conversely, lower the tone by using paint of earth colours while accenting the area with bold colours using fabrics and decorations. Another option for this endeavour is to create a "focal wall" by painting it in deep bold colour while the rest of the walls are painted in neutral tones.

Make use of the elegant Indian textiles, whether as couch covers, throw pillow cases, tapestry and curtains. Indian textiles have unique designs that make them look exotic. They also come in a wide range of colours and styles. You can either import authentic Indian textile and sari wall hangings or scour the flea market for great treasures.

Other decorating ideas include hanging Indian art to accent your walls that depict sacred animals and images in India, scenes of Indian life and for those with liberated minds, Indian erotic scenes. Sculptures depicting these subjects and scenes can also be used and are often available in many home furnishing stores. You can also scatter candle and incense holders made of dark wood for an Indian appeal.

Finally, check out various home decorating magazines or the Internet for ideas when it comes to Indian-inspired furniture items. When you have the funds, you may want to import furniture pieces from India or have experts make Indian-inspired furniture for you.

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