A Travel Hookah for Your Car

A hookah is a traditional smoking instrument that originated in India and widely used in the Middle East. Presently it is gaining popularity in North America, Australia, Brazil, and the nations of Europe. A hookah filters and cools tobacco smoke through water, giving the smoke a refreshing taste.

Traditional hookahs boast exotic designs, but they all have one thing in common: they are quite tall. Even the smallest member of the hookah family stands two feet tall, and the designs, especially the glass water jar, is delicate. Now what if you love hookah so much that you would want to smoke it while you are driving your car? Surely, a hookah would be too unwieldy to fit in your car, not to mention dangerous since the instrument use live coals.

Do not worry because there is a travel hookah available in the market today! It stands only 8 inches and produces smoke that can compare to standard units. Its water jar is only 3.25 inches in diameter, making it small enough to fit in car cup holders! You do not even have to take your eyes off the road as it has an adequate 3.5 foot long water-resistant hose.

Just like traditional hookahs, this little unit uses coals to heat up the tobacco. But you do not have to be concerned about the danger of live coals. That is because you can cover its custom-made clay coal bowl with a laser-cut metal screw top, preventing spillage. An added aesthetic feature is the long-lasting light emitting diode at the bottom. Upon purchase, the travel hookah includes 100 fines of fine Romman Shisha tobacco, 20 pieces of quick lighting corals, and tongs to remove the hot internal metal cylinder head and bowl.

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