Q.I'm new to hookah smoking, is it difficult or complicated?
Getting started is actually very simple! We help you in every way possible to further understand how to use a hookah. We provide an instruction manual with each hookah and are always ready to answer any questions you may have. We provide an online guide 'How to Hookah' which gives a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use your hookah.
Q.Where are your hookahs made and how do I know they are of the highest quality?
High-Life Hookahs are designed and assembled in the UK. The best quality components are sourced from different countries from around the world. Assembly takes place in the UK where each hookah passes a strict quality control process to ensure perfect quality and 100% customer satisfaction.
Q.How much herbal molasses should I put in and how long does it last?
An average bowl of molasses should last for about 45 minutes. If you have a group of people smoking a three or four hose hookah this time may be reduced slightly.
Q.Do multi-hose hookahs provide a pleasurable smoking experience?
All High-Life Hookahs provide an enjoyable smoking experience. The benefit of multi-hose hookahs is that more than one person can enjoy the smoke at the same time. Multi-hose hookahs can also be converted into single hose hookahs by using the hose plugs provided with each hookah.
Q.Does the size of the hookah affect the quality of your smoking experience?
The smaller the chamber the more condensed the smoke will be. Therefore we only offer three and four hose hookahs in an extra large size with larger chambers. However because all High-Life Hookahs are airtight all our hookahs will provide a great smoking experience.
Q.How long will a packet of herbal molasses keep for?
Once opened we recommend that you keep your herbal molasses in an airtight container. We also recommend you keep your herbal molasses refrigerated. By doing this it should last for up to a year.
Q.How often should I clean my hookah?
We recommend that you clean your hookah shaft, base and bowl after every session. It is important to maintain and clean your hookah on a regular basis so that it continues to provide an enjoyable smoke.
Q.How long does a charcoal burn for?
One Swift-Lite charcoal should last for about an hour. Therefore work on the assumption that one charcoal will last for each bowl of herbal molasses you smoke.
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